Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Configuring a Portal to Check Email from an Android Device

The following example shows how to set up ActiveSync to check emails from an Android device. Be sure to replace entries shown in the examples with entries for your environment and be careful to input the correct password. Otherwise, the account is blocked.

  1. Create a Domain name of Set the Active Directory domain and Server address to Set the Portal name to VirtualOffice.
  2. In the Secure Mobile Access management interface, scroll down to the relevant section and create an offloading portal with the name sales.
  3. Set the Scheme to Secure Web (HTTPS).
  4. Set the Application Server Host to your Exchange server, for example
  5. Set the virtual host name, for example, The virtual host name should be resolved by the DNS server. Otherwise, modify the hosts file in the Android phone.
  6. Select Enable Email Clients Authentication. Leave the default domain name blank or input
  7. Click the Virtual Host tab.
  8. Turn on the Android phone, open the Email application, and type your email address and password. Click Next.
  9. Choose Exchange.
  10. Input your Domain\Username, Password, and Server. No domain name is displayed, so use the default domain name specified in the offloading portal’s setting. Select Accept all SSL certificates and click Next.
  11. If the AD authentication times out, the Setup could not finish message is displayed. Wait about 20 seconds and try again. You can also check the Secure Mobile Access log to see if the user logged in successfully. You might not encounter this problem if the AD authentication is fast.
  12. When the authentication finishes, a security warning appears. Click OK to continue, modify your account settings, and click Next.
  13. Try to send and receive emails and ensure that ActiveSync entries are included in the Secure Mobile Access log.

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