Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Navigating Tables

Navigating tables with large number of entries is simplified by navigation buttons located above the table. For example, the Log > View page contains an elaborate bank of navigation buttons:

Log > View

Navigation Buttons in the Log View Page
Navigation ButtonDescription
FindAllows the administrator to search for a log entry containing the content specified in the Search field. The search is applied to the element of the log entry specified by the selection in the drop-down menu. The selections in the drop-down menu correspond to the elements of a log entry as designated by the column headings of the Log > View table. You can search in the Time, Priority, Source, Destination, User, and Message elements of log entries.
IncludeAllows the administrator to display log entries including the type specified in the drop-down menu.
ExcludeAllows the administrator to display log entries excluding the type specified in the drop-down menu.
ResetResets the listing of log entries to their default sequence.
Message LogAllows the administrator to message a log.
Export LogAllows the administrator to export a log.
Clear LogAllows the administrators clear the log entries.

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