Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Users > Status

The Users > Status page provides information about users and administrators who are currently logged into the SMA appliance. This section provides general information about how the SMA appliance manages users through a set of hierarchical policies.

When Streaming Updates is set to ON, the Users > Status page content is automatically refreshed so that the page always displays current information. Toggle to OFF by clicking ON.

The Active User Sessions table displays the current users or administrators logged into the SMA appliance. Each entry displays the name of the user, the group in which the user belongs, the portal the user is logged into, the IP address of the user, a time stamp indicating when the user logged in, the duration of the session, and the cumulative idle time during the session. An administrator could terminate a user session and log the user out by clicking the Logout icon at the right of the user row. The Active User Session table includes the following information:

Active User Information
NameA text string that indicates the ID of the user.
GroupThe group to which the user belongs.
PortalThe name of the portal that the user is logged into.
IP AddressThe IP address of the workstation which the user is logged into.
LocationThe geographical location of the source IP for each user.
Login TimeThe time when the user first established connection with the SMA appliance expressed as day, date, and time (HH:MM:SS).
Login InThe amount of time since the user first established a connection with the SMA appliance expressed as number of days and time (HH:MM:SS).
Idle TimeThe amount of time the user has been in an inactive or idle state with the SMA appliance.
LogoutDisplays an icon that enables the administrator to log the user out of the appliance.

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