Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Policy URL Object Field Elements

When creating an HTTP/HTTPS policy, the administrator must enter a valid host URL in the URL field. In addition, the administrator can enter the port, path, and wildcard elements to this field. The following chart provides an overview of standard URL field elements:

Standard URL Field Elements
HostCan be a hostname that should be resolved or an IP address. Host information must be present.
PortIf port is not mentioned, then all ports for that host are matched. Specify a specific port or port range using digits [0-9], and/or wildcard elements. Zero “0” must not be used as the first digit in this field. The least possible number matching the wildcard expression should fall within the range of valid port numbers such as [1-65535].
PathThis is the file path of the URL along with the query string. A URL Path is made of parts delimited by the file path separator ‘/’. Each part might contain wildcard characters. The scope of the wildcard characters is limited only to the specific part contained between file path separators.
Usernames%USERNAME% is a variable that matches the username appearing in a URL requested by a user with a valid session. Especially useful if the policy is a group or a global policy.
Wildcard CharactersThe following wildcard characters are used to match one or more characters within a port or path specification.
* – Matches one or more characters in that position.
^ – Matches exactly one character in the position.
[!<character set>] – Matches any character in that position not listed in character set. For example [!acd], [!8a0]
[<range>] – Matches any character falling within the specified ASCII range. Can be an alphanumeric character. For example, [a-d], [3-5], [H-X]

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