Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Reusing Mobile App Binding Text Code

If an administrator enables Allow Sharing TOTP key option for an SMA appliance, the mobile app binding text code for binding a mobile app with a user account can be reused when binding mobile app with other user accounts, thereby OTP generated in a single mobile-app account can be used for authentication during login of all the users that shared binding key.

The Allow Sharing TOTP key option is controlled by an internal setting. For information about enabling this option, contact SonicWall Technical Support at

To share the TOTP key among users

  1. When binding mobile application with an SMA user account, save the text code link, and complete binding.

  2. In the MOBILE APP BINDING screen for other users, paste the saved text code in the Code box, and click VERIFY.

    The QR code gets updated.

  3. Enter the OTP generated in the mobile app and click VERIFY to complete binding.

After the mobile application is bound to multiple users with the same binding key, OTP from the mobile application can be used to complete Virtual Office login authentication of all the users that shared binding key.

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