Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Creating a Citrix Bookmark for a Local User

Citrix bookmarks are supported on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Citrix support requires Internet connectivity to download the ActiveX or Java client from the Citrix Web site. Citrix is accessed from Internet Explorer using ActiveX by default, or from other browsers using Java. Java can be used with IE by selecting an option in the Bookmark configuration. The server automatically decides which Citrix client version to use.

To configure a Citrix bookmark for a user

  1. Navigate to Users > Local Users and click the configure icon next to the user.
  2. In the Edit Local User page, select the Bookmarks page.
  3. Click Add Bookmark...
  4. Enter a name for the bookmark in the Bookmark Name field.
  5. Enter the name or IP address of the bookmark in the Name or IP Address field.
  6. Optionally enter a friendly Description to be displayed in the bookmark table.
  7. Optionally enter a comma-separated list of Tabs where this bookmark should appear. Standard tabs (Desktop, Web, Files, Terminal, and Mobile) do not need to be specified. For example, Favorites, Tab 1, Tab 2.
  8. From the Service drop-down menu, select Citrix Portal (Citrix). The display changes.
  9. Select a Resource Window Size selection from the drop-down menu.
  10. Select an Access Type Selection. Smart or Manual.

    • Smart: Allows the firmware to decide which mode to launch on the client.

      When creating a new unified bookmark, Smart is selected by default. Auto-detection is processed using bookmark-specific default modes while launching the bookmark.

    • Manual: Provides options to configure the modes, their priorities, and the choose method. At least one mode should be enabled in the selection box.

      The launch sequence is as follows: HTML5, Native, and ActiveX. Selecting Manual allows you to change, enable, or disable the launch methods. If you select Native to launch the Citrix bookmark, then the SMA Connect Agent launches the Citrix Receiver on the local machine to do the Citrix connection.

      The up and down arrows are used to adjust the launch priority. Fork and tick are used to disable or enable the modes. Disabled modes are put at the bottom of the list with a gray font color.

      The Choose during Launch option is not enabled by default under the Manual mode. In this setting, while launching the bookmark, the first available mode in the configured list is run at once after auto-detection.

      After the Choose during Launch option is enabled, while launching the unified bookmark, if there are multiple modes available for the client, a menu is provided from which you can choose within a five second count-down. When only one mode is available, the bookmark is also run immediately.

      If the Remember my choice option is selected during the launch time, the selected mode is remembered through a cookie.

      That means, when next launching the bookmark, the remembered mode is run directly within two seconds. Clicking anywhere in the HTML can 'forget' the remembered mode so you can re-choose.

      Editing or deleting the bookmark in the same browser can also reset the remembered mode.

      When no modes can run on the client with the configuration, the following notice appears.

  11. Select the box next to HTTPS Mode to securely access the Citrix portal.
  12. Optionally, select Always use specified Citrix ICA Server and specify the IP address in the ICA Server Address field that appears. This setting allows you to specify the Citrix ICA Server address for the Citrix ICA session. By default, the bookmark uses the information provided in the ICA configuration on the Citrix server.

    • Windows – The SMA Connect Agent tries to open the ICA file to launch the Citrix Receiver. If the Citrix Receiver is not installed, the system pops up a message.
    • Macintosh – The SMA Connect Agent searches for the “Citrix Receiver” App; to be sure you have installed the App. The SMA Connect Agent launches the “Citrix Receiver” to make the Citrix connection. If you have not yet installed the App, the SMA Connect Agent pops up an alert message for you to start the installation.
  13. Click Accept.

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