Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

System Information

The System Information section displays details about your specific SMA appliance. The following information is displayed in this section:

System Information
ModelThe type of SMA appliance.
Serial NumberThe serial number or the MAC address of the SMA appliance.
Authentication CodeThe alphanumeric code used to authenticate the SMA appliance on the registration database at MySonicWall.
Firmware VersionThe firmware version loaded on the SMA appliance.
CPU (Utilization)The type of the SMA appliance processor and the average CPU usage over the last five minutes.
Safemode versionThe safemode version loaded on the SMA appliance.
Total MemoryThe amount of RAM and Flash memory on the appliance.
System TimeThe current date and time.
Up TimeThe number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds, that the SMA appliance has been active since its most recent restart.
Active UsersThe number of users who are currently logged into the Secure Mobile Access management interface of the SMA appliance.
Anonymous SessionsThe number of anonymous sessions, the sessions that are logged in without username or password, on the SMA appliance.

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