Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Security Services Summary

The Security Services Summary table lists the number of Nodes/Users licenses and the available and activated security services on the SMA appliance.

The Security Service column lists all the available SonicWall Inc. Security Services and upgrades available for the security appliance. The Status column indicates if the security service is activated (Licensed), available for activation (Not Licensed, or for Spike License, Inactive), or no longer active (Expired). ViewPoint, Spike License, Stateful High Availability and Web Application Firewall are licensed separately as upgrades.

The number of nodes (computer or other device connected to your appliance with an IP address) or users allowed by the license is displayed in the Count column. This number refers to the maximum number of simultaneous connections to the SMA appliance.

The Expiration column displays the expiration date for any licensed service that is time-based. For a Spike License, the Expiration column shows the number of days that the Spike License can be active before it expires. The days do not have to be consecutive.

The information listed in the Security Services Summary table is updated from the SonicWall Inc. licensing server every time the SMA appliance automatically synchronizes with it (hourly), or you can click Synchronize to synchronize immediately.

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