Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Viewing Status and Synchronizing Signatures

To view the status of the signature database and Web Application Firewall service license, and synchronize the signature database

  1. Navigate to Web Application Firewall > Status. The WAF Status section displays the following information:

    • Status of updates to the signature database
    • Timestamp of the signature database
    • Time that the system last checked for available updates to the signature database
    • Expiration date of the Web Application Firewall subscription service
    • Status of the Web Application Firewall license
  2. If updates are available for the signature database, Apply is displayed. Click Apply to download the updates.

    You can select an option to update and apply new signatures automatically on the Web Application Firewall > Settings page. If this automatic update option is enabled, Apply disappears from the Web Application Firewall > Status screen as soon as the new signatures are automatically applied.

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