Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Viewing Threats in List Format

To see the threats in list format rather than as a graph, select All in Lists from the Monitoring Period

drop-down menu. Threats in List Format shows the list format.

The Severity column of the threat list is color coded for quick reference, as follows:

  • High severity threats – Red
  • Medium severity threats – Orange
  • Low severity threats – Black

The initial, default sorting order lists the high severity threats with highest frequency values first. You can change the order of listed threats by clicking on the column headings to sort them by ID, signature name, classification, severity, or frequency. Click again to toggle between ascending and descending order. The active sorting column is marked by an arrowhead pointing upwards for ascending order, and downwards for descending order.

Threats in List Format

To view and hide threat details

  1. On the Web Application Firewall > Monitoring page, select All in Lists from the Monitoring Period drop-down menu. The list of detected or prevented threats is displayed in the WAF Threats Detected & Prevented table.
  2. To display details about a threat, click on the threat. The details include the following:

    • URL – The URL to the SonicWall Inc. knowledge base for this threat
    • Category – The category of the threat
    • Severity – The severity of the threat, either high, medium, or low
    • Summary – A short description of how the threat behaves
  3. To collapse the threat details, click the threat link again.

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