Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Monitoring Detected and Prevented Threats

On the Local page below the Web server status graphs, the Web Application Firewall > Monitoring page displays graphs indicating the number of detected and prevented threats. Two graphs are presented, one showing the number of threats over time, and the other showing the top ten threats that were detected and prevented during that time frame.

You can change the time frame displayed in both graphs and change the view to display all threats in list format by selecting one of the following options from the Monitoring Period drop-down menu:

  • Last 12 Hours
  • Last 14 Days
  • Last 21 Days
  • Last 6 Months
  • All in Lists

Threats Over Last 21 Days shows the number and the severity of threats detected and prevented over the last 21 days.

Threats Over Last 21 Days

When displaying the top 10 threats graph with Perspective set to Signature, hovering your mouse pointer over the signature ID causes a tooltip to appear with details about the threat.

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