Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

NetExtender/Mobile Connect Service Settings

  1. Enable Compression to reduce file size when desired.
  2. Enable verbose NetExtender debug logging. The mcd.log file would be part of Tech Support Reports (TSRs) generated from the System > Diagnostics page. Select the default log level from the Log Level drop-down menu; levels are listed from lowest to highest:

    • Debug
    • Info
    • Notice – default
    • Warning
    • Error

    All logs adhere to the default level set here unless specifically overridden.

  3. To make changes to the logs in the Overrides section, deselect the Adhere to default level checkbox. All drop-down menus for all service categories become active.
  4. Enable Packet Capture for NetExtender/Mobile Connect connections. Click Download All to download all the saved Packet Captures. Click Delete All to delete all the saved Packet Captures. Use this option for troubleshooting only, as it can affect the throughput adversely.
  5. Based on the Packet Capture Type specified, a unique Pcap file is saved. Select the capture type from the Capture Type drop-down menu. Types include:

    • Per User – Selecting Per User saves a unique Pcap file for each user while Packet Capture is on.
    • Per NetExtender Client IP – Selecting Per NetExtender Client IP saves a unique Pcap file for each Remote IP assigned by the SMA.
    • Per User Session – Selecting Per User Session saves a unique Pcap file for each User Session.
    • Per Client IP – Selecting Per Client IP saves a unique Pcap file for each Client IP that originally initiated a connection to the SMA.


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