Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Global Portal Settings

Use the Default Character Set drop-down menu to set the language compatibility character set to be used with standard and non-standard FTP servers. The character set only applies to FTP sessions and bookmarks. Standard encoding (UTF-8), the default setting, should work for most FTP servers.

European Keyboards

Some European characters cannot be input using US language keyboards. The keyboard type must be set and match on the Remote Server, the HTML5 server, or the Local Client computers.

The available keyboards are listed as follows:

To parse the input correctly, set the same language for the HTML5 Canvas (<canvas>) element by clicking the language identifier beside the S shield to trigger the language selection menu.

Language Selection Menu

Keep the keyboard language settings consistent between these three areas:

  1. Local client machine
  2. HTML5 settings
  3. Remote RDP server machine

The Bookmark administrator can set the default language keyboard in the bookmark settings. When the bookmark is launched, the default language identifier is shown beside the S shield.

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