Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Configuring Settings

The High Availability > Settings page provides settings for configuring SMA appliances for High Availability, as seen below:

To enable High Availability and configure the options in the High Availability Settings section, perform the following steps

  1. In a browser, log into the primary unit and navigate to the High Availability > Settings page.
  2. Select Enable High Availability.
  3. Select the High Availability Interface from the drop-down menu. The HA interface can only be set when the unit is in the HA unconnected mode, and the interface must be set to the same interface on both units.
  4. Enter several milliseconds for the Heartbeat Interval. The heartbeat is used to maintain the connectivity between the primary and backup devices. The heartbeat interval controls how often the two units communicate. The minimum is 500 milliseconds (a half second), and the maximum is 300,000 milliseconds (five minutes).
  5. Enter a value for the Failover Trigger Level. This is the number of heartbeats that must be missed before failover occurs. The minimum is four, and the maximum is 99.
  6. In the Primary Serial Number field, type in the serial number of the primary device. The maximum length is 12 characters.
  7. In the Backup Serial Number field, type in the serial number of the backup device. The maximum length is 12 characters.
  8. Click Accept.
  9. In the browser, open a new page and point it to the IP address of the backup unit. Log into the backup.
  10. Repeat 1 through 8 on the backup unit.

    When you click Accept, the backup device becomes idle, and you are no longer able to access it with its former IP address. The primary device is now active, with the same settings it had before the HA configuration.

    The appliances in the HA Pair immediately begin to synchronize data from the primary to the backup unit. When failover occurs and the primary is down, the backup unit becomes active, with the same settings as the primary had before it went down.

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