Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

General Status

The General Status page shows general information about the Geo IP & Botnet filter and offers an option to synchronize the database. When the Geo IP & Botnet Filter is enabled, the General Status page provides the following information:

  • Database shows the update status and provides Synchronize to manually synchronize updates. When Synchronize is clicked, the server immediately checks for new updates on the backend server.
  • Protection Status shows whether the backend server is connected. Offline status might indicate that the network settings need to be changed.
  • Cache Size shows the total number of Geo IP and Botnet caches. All caches are managed automatically by the server.
  • Last checked displays the most recent timestamp of the cache.
  • Service Expiration Date shows the license expiration date of the Geo IP & Botnet Filter service.
  • License Status identifies whether the Geo IP & Botnet Filter service is licensed. The Geo IP & Botnet Filter is a subscription service that includes a free trial.

When the Geo IP & Botnet Filter is licensed but disabled, the Status page displays a warning that contains a link to the Settings page where the feature can be enabled:

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