Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

General Settings

Use the General Settings section of the Geo IP & Botnet Filter > Settings page to globally enable or disable the Geo IP & Botnet Filter that is disabled by default.

To enable the Geo IP & Botnet Filter

  1. Select Enable Geo IP & Botnet Filter to globally enable this feature. When enabled, a Location column is added to the NetExtender > Status, User > Status pages that identifies the location of users’ source IP addresses. Mousing over an icon in the Location column displays the City (if applicable), Region, and Country of the source IP.
  2. Click Accept.

When this feature is enabled, the General Settings section displays four sub-features that can be individually enabled or disabled:

  • Enforce Geo IP Policy — Select this option to enforce Geo IP policies.
  • Enforce Botnet Filter Policy — Select this option to enable blocking of IP addresses in the SonicWall Botnet Database (for which no defined Policy is required) and enforce Botnet Filter policies. If this is disabled, Botnet IP addresses are not blocked, however, they are still detected and included in the Botnet Filter Statistics.
  • Find Geo IP Location for Logs — When this option is enabled, a column indication the location of the source IP is added to the following screens: Log > Views.
  • Enable Packet Log (Debug mode) — Select this option to generate logs for allowed or denied packets. This option is for debug purposes only. Enabling the Packet Log makes logs increase rapidly if the log level is set to Debug.

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