Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Configuring End Point Control Settings

In traditional VPN solutions, accessing your network from an untrusted site like an employee-owned computer or a kiosk at an airport or hotel increases the risk to your network resources. The SMA appliance provides secure access from any Web-enabled system, including devices in untrusted environments. Secure Mobile Access supports End Point Control (EPC), a default service available on SMA 400-410/200-210, and SMA 500v Virtual Appliance.

EPC verifies that the user’s environment is secure before establishing a connection. EPC protects sensitive data and ensures that your network is not compromised when accessed from devices in untrusted environments. EPC also protects the network from threats originating from client devices participating in the SMA.

EPC is checked when users log in to the web portal from a web browser that blocks any access to the private network from untrusted sites. The EPC portal checking process uses the browser plug-ins on your system.

EPC is supported on iOS and Android mobile devices using Mobile Connect, allowing device profiles to be created for these mobile devices. This provides security protection from threats against client devices and protection to the SMA appliance from threats originating from client devices participating in the SSL VPN. For more information on Mobile Connect, refer to the Mobile Connect User Guides.

Secure Mobile Access provides these end point security controls by completing host integrity checking and security protection mechanisms before a tunnel session is begun. Host integrity checks help ensure that the client system follows your organization’s security policy. SonicWall Inc., end point security controls are tightly integrated with access control to analyze the client system and apply access controls based on the results.

EPC supports the Windows, Linux, and NetExtender client. It also supports Mobile Connect for iOS, Android, OSX, Windows Phone, and Windows Next. For Web Portal login, EPC is supported only on Windows platforms. EPC enhancements are supported on the SonicWall Inc. SMA 400-410/200-210, and SMA 500v Virtual Appliance platforms.

When the EPC feature is active other features might run slower because of the increased traffic.

EPC is globally enabled or disabled on the End Point Control > Settings page. When EPC is disabled, it is disabled at the global, group, and user level. The Settings page also is used to customize the message displayed when a NetExtender client login fails EPC security checking.

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