Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Enforcing Client Source Uniqueness

Client source uniqueness, when enforced, prevents multiple connections from a user with the same client source address when connecting with a SonicWall Inc. client (NetExtender, Mobile Connect, and so on). This prevents a user from consuming multiple licenses when a user reconnects after an unexpected network interruption.

For example, a user on an unreliable network is disconnected because of a network issue. If login uniqueness is NOT enabled, the user session on the appliance stays active for this type of disconnect until the timeout value is reached. The user reconnects and consumes a second license with the potential of consuming more licenses before the timeout disconnects them.

To enforce client source uniqueness

  1. Navigate to Portals > Portals.
  2. For an existing portal, click the configure icon next to the portal you want to configure. Or, for a new portal, click Add Portal.
  3. Select Enforce client source uniqueness.
  4. Click Accept.

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