Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Configuring Probe Settings

To configure probe settings for this load balancing group in the Probe Settings section of the Portals > Load Balancing screen:

  1. Select a Probe Method from the drop-down menu. Options include:

    • HTTP/HTTPS GET – The Load Balancer sends a HTTP(S) GET request periodically (based on the configured Probe interval) to see if the HTTP response status code is not greater than or equal to 500 to ensure there are no Web server errors. This is the most reliable method to determine if a Web server is alive. This method ignores SSL Certificate warnings while probing.
    • TCP Connect – The Load Balancer completes a 3-way TCP handshake periodically to monitor the health of a backend node.
    • ICMP Ping – The Load Balancer sends a simple ICMP Ping request to monitor if a backend node is alive.
  2. In the Deactivate Member after field, enter the number of missed intervals required to fail the node. The default value is 2.
  3. In the Reactivate Member after field, enter the number of successful intervals required to reinstate the node as functional. The default value is 2.
  4. In the Display error page when there is no resource available to fail over text box, enter a custom message or Web page to display if all the configured backend nodes have failed. HTML formatting is allowed in this field.

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