Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Adding New Members to a Load Balancing Group

To add members to a new or existing load balancing group

  1. When editing or adding a group from the Portals > Load Balancing page, click Add Member. The Load Balancing Member screen displays.
  2. Enter a Member Name to uniquely identify this member within the Load Balancing Group.
  3. Enter a friendly name or description in the Comment field to identify this group by mousing over the group’s page.
  4. Select a Scheme to connect to the backend server. Select one of the following options from the drop-down menu: HTTP, HTTPS, or AUTO. The default value is HTTPS.

    If AUTO is selected, specify two port numbers for HTTPS and HTTP.

  5. Enter the back-end HTTP(S) server IP address in the IPv4/IPv6 Address field.
  6. Enter the Port for the backend server. The default value for an HTTPS connection is 443 and HTTP is 80. For Auto schemes, the default port numbers for HTTPS and HTTP are accepted.
  7. Enter the LB Ratio, the proportion of requests a Load Balancing Member could process. The total LB Ratio should be equal to 100.
  8. Check the LB Status to see whether the server is up and processing the request. The gray button indicates that the LB member is just added and there is not communication between the appliance and the server. The red button indicates that the server is down. The green button indicates that the server is up.
  9. Check the Probe Status to see whether the server is healthy or not.
  10. Check the Statistics to know the requests, inbound traffic, and outbound traffic processed by a Load Balancing Member.
  11. Click Accept to add this member to the group.

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