Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Configuration Scenarios

Load Balancing for Secure Mobile Access is a robust feature that has multiple uses, including:

  • Balancing a Farm of Web Servers – This is useful when the SMA appliance with a higher horsepower is offering protection and balancing the load of a relatively low powered farm of Web servers. In this case, Web Application Firewall, URL rewriting and other CPU intensive operations are enabled on the Load Balancer.
  • Balancing a Low-Powered Cluster – A relatively low powered SMA cluster can be balanced for improved scalability. In this case, Web Application Firewall, URL rewriting, and other scalable features are enabled on the low powered SMA appliances.
  • Load Balanced Pair – In this scenario, the Load Balancer can have one portal configured for the front-end, and another Application Offloading portal configured to act as a Virtual Backend Server. This Virtual Backend Server and the second SMA device are configured as the Load Balancing Members and take up the load of the Security Services. The Load Balancer in the previous two scenarios is essentially a dummy proxy without the load of any Security Services to burden it.

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