Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Configuring SAML Authentication with G Suite

  1. Access, create a G suite account and register a domain.
  2. To add SMA application to your G Suite account:
    1. Click Apps.

    2. Click SAML apps.
    3. Configure ACS URL as https://{ApplianceIP or Hostname}/ api /v1/logon/saml2ssoconsumer.
    4. Configure Entity ID as https://{ApplianceIP or Hostname}.

    5. Click manage certificates and fetch “SSO URL” and “Entity ID.”
    6. Download SAML Certificate.

  3. Configure SAML on your SMA appliance:
    1. Import SAML Certificate on System > Certificates page.
    2. Create a SAML domain with G suite data:

      • Enter a name, for example: SAML Google.
      • Server ID is https:// {appliance ‘s IP address or Hostname}.
      • Server ID is Entity ID of G suite account.
      • Authentication service URL and Logout service URL is SSO URL of the G-Suite account.

      You can now proceed with authentication from Virtual Office portal and NetExtender. When you select G Suite domain in the login page, you are redirected to the G suite login page, and after providing correct credentials, the authentication is successful.

Synchronize IDP date/time with NTP server to avoid any date-time related SAML errors.

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