Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Configuring the Miscellaneous Settings

The fourth and last step includes the general portal settings.

Portal Site Title, Portal Banner Title, and Login Message are set by default, but they can still be customized.

Restart Now – Gracefully restarts the appliance immediately after clicking Finish.

More advanced options can be fine-tuned by editing this portal after the wizard has finished. Changing the Portal settings requires a web server restart that could disconnect any active NetExtender connections and certain Bookmarks. If you want to proceed with restarting the web server for the settings to take effect immediately, check Restart now. Otherwise, uncheck the check box to save the changes without web server restarting. You can restart the appliance later from the System > Restart page.

The wizard ends after clicking Finish. The page is blocked, and you are redirected to the portal list page after the App Offloading portal is successfully created.

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