Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

Log > Analyzer Overview

The Log > Analyzer page allows the administrator to add the SMA appliance to an Analyzer server for installations that have SonicWall Inc. Analyzer available or are managed by the SonicWall Inc. Global Management System (GMS) version 7.0 or higher appliance management software. This feature requires an Analyzer license key.

SonicWall Inc. Analyzer is a software application that creates dynamic, web-based network reports. The Analyzer Reporting Module generates both real-time and historical reports to offer a complete view of all activity through SonicWall Inc. network security appliances. With Analyzer Reporting, you can monitor network access, enhance security, and anticipate future bandwidth needs. The Analyzer Reporting Module:

  • Displays bandwidth use by IP address and service
  • Identifies inappropriate Web use
  • Provides detailed reports of attacks
  • Collects and aggregates system and network errors
  • Shows VPN events and problems
  • Presents visitor traffic to your Web site
  • Provides detailed daily logs to analyze specific events.

This feature requires an Analyzer license key.

To add the SMA appliance to an Analyzer server and enable Analyzer reporting

  1. Navigate to the Log > Analyzer page in the Secure Mobile Access web-based management interface.
  2. In the Analyzer Settings section, click Add. The Add Analyzer Server screen displays.
  3. In the Add Analyzer Server screen, enter the Hostname or IP Address of your Analyzer server.
  4. Enter the Port which your Analyzer server communicates with managed devices. The default is 514.
  5. Click Accept to add this server.
  6. To start Analyzer report logging for the server you just added, select Enable Analyzer.

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