Secure Mobile Access 100 10.2 Administration Guide

System Report

You can generate functionality reports on the following modules using all supported basic and advanced combinations:

  • System Information
  • System Status
  • Threats
  • Active Users
  • Activities

Reports can be scheduled on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

To generate or schedule System Reports

  1. Login as Administrator from the SMA login screen.

  2. Navigate to Overview > Reports | Schedule Reports.

  3. Click the + symbol to schedule a Daily/Weekly/Monthly report.

  4. For the scheduled report to take effect, SMA needs to be restarted. Click Rebooting to restart the appliance.

  5. After the report is generated, it is available under the Available Reports tab.

  6. To download the report, click Download.

  7. You can also manually generate reports by clicking the Request Report tab and requesting the report.

  8. Manually generated reports are also available under the Available Reports tab by selecting the manual report and clicking Download.

  9. You can delete single or multiple reports by selecting the checkbox to the left of the unnecessary report(s) and then clicking Delete Selected Reports.


Logs are added to Log > View for each activity such as scheduling reports, generating auto or manual reports, and deleting reports.

For example:

  • Logs for scheduling reports

  • Logs for auto generated reports

  • Logs for manually generated reports

  • Logs for deleted reports

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