Network Security Management Reports and Analytics

Alerts and Notifications


Using Alerts, you can create rules for the notices and see historic alerts and notifications for the following alert types: Network Usage, Threat, Web Activities, and Geo-Location. You can set how you want to receive notifications when a type of alert is created. You can choose to get alerts in Notification Center, receive emails, and save notifications when an alert is triggered.

Creating an alert rule

  2. Click Rules.
  3. Click Add Rule.

  1. Enter a name and select Priority level.
  2. Set Redundancy Filter.
  3. Select the Alert Type..
  4. Select alert Sub-Type and enter app bandwidth in Mbps.
  5. Click Next.
  6. In the Actions page, select how you want to be alerted for the rule. The options are System Alerts, Email.
  7. Select the History options to save the alerts if required.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Review the rule and click Save.


The History feature shows the historic alerts generated for the rules you have created. The historic alert report can be customized based on time, details, info, type, sub-type, priority, alert name, and action. You can export the report as a CSV file for archiving purposes.

To export historic alerts

  1. Click the Export icon.
  2. In the Export to File dialog, click OK.
  3. Save file to local machine.

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