Network Security Management Reports and Analytics

Understanding How the NSM License Affects Reporting

The type of licensing you have affects the reports and analytics options you have available to you.

When You Have a Firewall Essential License

When you have a firewall with an Essential license, only the most basic reporting coverage is provided.

Reporting is limited to a small set of Summary reports and the matching Details reports. With the Essential license, you don't have the ability to drill down from a tenant or group view of the data, nor do you have access to all the reporting and analytics options. To see details on a specific firewall you need to navigate to Firewall View and then select Monitor.

When You Have a Firewall Advanced License

The Advanced license provides additional coverage: You have access to many more reports and drill-down capability to log sessions. You also have different views of the information. Tenant reports let you see the amalgamation of a tenant's devices in a single view. Group reports are also available. You can see data combined, based on a group that you set up.

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