Network Security Management Reports and Analytics

Group and Tenant Reporting

Group and Tenant reporting is a beta preview feature.

Group and Tenant reporting offers you additional ways in which to combine or filter data so you can lean more about the activity in your network environment. These reports aggregate data from all the firewalls in a particular group or a tenant which helps an administrator get visibility in network activities within that group or tenant. The level of reporting depends upon the type of NSM license you bought. Firewalls with an Essential license provide different reporting and analytical capabilities than those with an Advanced license. In cases of tenants and groups having firewalls with mix of Essential and Advanced licenses, report data is aggregated based on each license type.

The data here provides an overview so you understand how the interface and the drill-down options are arranged. Depending on the problem you are trying to solve or the symptoms your are trying to resolve, you can research the problem in several different ways. Since one environment is somewhat different from another, the key to making the best use of the Group and Tenant reporting is to explore the different reports and reporting views on your own. Familiarity with how to navigate the options makes it easier for you to navigate when you need to search for answers.

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