Cloud App Security Administration Guide for Citrix Sharefile

Using the SonicWall Cloud App Security Dashboard

The SonicWall Cloud App Security Dashboard provides you with an overview of the state of all your currently monitored cloud applications.

Cloud App Security Dashboard

The Dashboard provides you with a summary of all of your secured cloud application with:

  • detailed analytics, including the number of emails or files detected and remediated
  • a timeline of security incidents affecting your secured cloud applications in real-time
  • geo-location tracking for complete user awareness

Through the Cloud App Security Dashboard, you can:

  • view discovered and remediated security events
  • create and edit policies
  • understand your security with analytics
  • examine quarantined files and emails
  • configure settings to match the requirements of your organization

The menu located on the left side is displayed at all times and allows you to navigate between the other Cloud App Security views.

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