PRESS RELEASE – November 14, 2017

  • New Initiative Empowers All SonicWall Partners to Offer Services to Customers Worldwide
  • Partner Enabled Services Program Helps Customers Realize Greater Value from Their Security Investments

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – SonicWall, the trusted security partner protecting more than 1 million networks worldwide, today announced the launch of a new lineup of professional security services to help customers implement and operate security solutions that protect them from today’s relentless cyber attacks. The new professional security services — distributed by SonicWall’s new Partner Enabled Services Program — are designed and delivered in partnership with SonicWall’s extensive network of channel partners.

“SonicWall technology and the new professional security services delivered by SonicWall’s channel partners present a powerful defense against advanced malware and ransomware that threaten enterprises of all sizes,” said SonicWall President and CEO Bill Conner. “These new services help customers accelerate the time-to-value of their SonicWall security solution investments.”

The new services span three critical competencies required to meet the needs of businesses seeking to protect themselves in an increasingly complex and dangerous cyber threat landscape:

  • Implementation Services, including compliance audit prep, and remote and onsite implementation services for SonicWall products.
  • Solution Services, such as security health checks, wireless security deployments, campus networks and distributed network solutions.
  • Architecture Services, which are offered for complex or large-scale solutions and customer environments, such as DPI-SSL deployment or SuperMassive firewall implementations.

Each of the service offerings are designed to ensure SonicWall customers receive the best possible network security solution design for their specific environment and requirements, as well as prompt and accurate solution implementation and optimized ongoing solution operation.

By creating this set of standard service offerings, SonicWall and its channel partners will deliver a consistent, high-quality service experience to customers throughout the world.

The SonicWall Partner Enabled Services Program
The foundation of this offering is the new SonicWall Partner Enabled Services Program, which identifies and enables SonicWall SecureFirst Channel partners that have a security-focused professional services practice.

Through the program, partners are vetted, granted status as a SonicWall Authorized Services Partner and given access to exclusive training, tools, sales, marketing and technical resources to help them deliver SonicWall’s new Implementation, Solution and Architecture Services. Each professional security service is developed and delivered exclusively through SonicWall’s worldwide network of channel partners.

The complete lineup of security professional services is available via SonicWall’s pricelist, allowing the services to be sold by all partners, including partners without a dedicated service practice. Once a service is sold, an Advanced Authorized Services Partner — the highest partner designation in the program — is contracted by SonicWall to deliver the services on behalf of the originating partner. This professional services model opens these valuable services to SonicWall’s entire customer base worldwide.

“This breakthrough approach to delivering high-value professional security services is only possible due to the incredible SonicWall channel partner ecosystem that has developed over the last 25 years,” said SonicWall SVP and Chief Revenue Officer Steve Pataky. “SonicWall partners trust each other to engage respectfully with their customers to deliver high-grade professional security services. In doing so, they deliver the most effective security solution and drive incremental opportunity for their business. Our broad channel, Authorized Services Partners and, most importantly, our customers, all win.”

Response from the channel to the new security professional services offerings and the Partner Enabled Services Program has been enthusiastic.

“As a dedicated SonicWall Platinum Partner with a mature services practice, we are delighted to see SonicWall making such significant investments in driving partner growth in security services,” said Timothy Martinez, President of Western NRG Total Internet Security in Camarillo, Calif. “Our team of security experts has a passion for security and phenomenal service. With more than 15 years of SonicWall implementations, we go to battle for our customers in the cyber arms race. The Partner Enabled Services Program is an excellent opportunity to help other SonicWall partners and grow our services further with SonicWall.”

“Our unwavering commitment is to protect and empower our customers against today’s most damaging cyber attacks,” said Michael Crean, CEO of Solutions Granted, a SonicWall SecureFirst Platinum partner in Virginia. “In our case, as one of SonicWall’s longest-term Managed Security Services Providers, this requires additional services and expertise to ensure we’re delivering the value and guidance our customers require to be secure. SonicWall understands our needs and, yet again, delivers the structure, resources, training and incentives to enhance customer loyalty, satisfaction and market recognition.”

Availability of SonicWall Partner Enabled Services
The SonicWall Partner Enabled Services Program is available to SecureFirst Partners in North America and EMEA beginning in mid-November 2017. SonicWall plans to expand the program to APJ and LATAM in Q1 FY2019.

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