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Types of Group VPN / Global VPN Client Scenarios and Configurations


Types of Group VPN / Global VPN Client Scenarios and Configurations


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How To: Basic / initial configuration

How To: RouteALL traffic, HUB and Spoke, DHCP Over VPN, LDAP, Radius and CFS.

Accessing Network Resources over VPN

Installing & configuring VPN client Software on Windows, Macintosh or Linux.


  VPN: Logon to domain, execute domain login script with Global VPN Client (GVC)

  UTM - GVC: Log Shows "Failed to find MAC address 00:60:73:xx:xx:xx in the system interfaces table"

  UTM: Choosing the correct Remote VPN Client Access Networks for GVC

  UTM-GVC: Connections through Linksys wireless router (WRT54G) unable to obtain DHCP lease for Global VPN Client (GVC) Virtual Adapter

  UTM-GVC: The Peer is Not Responding to Phase 1 ISAKMP Requests (PDF)

  UTM-GVC: Creating and Deploying the default .rcf file for SonicWall Global VPN Clients (PDF)

  UTM-GVC: Global VPN Client 4.0 Creates an Unencrypted Backup Configuration File

  UTM-GVC: Using Global VPN Client (GVC) behind a Linksys or NetGear

  UTM-GVC: Disable the Global VPN Client (GVC) Virtual Adapter on a Temporary Basis

  UTM-GVC: Logging a New user on to a Microsoft Domain over GVC using an Induced Local Profile (PDF)

  UTM: RSA ACE / Server Deployment Guide for SonicOS Software

  UTM-GVC: Maximum number of GroupVPN Policies in SonicOS Enhanced

  UTM-GVC: How to run Global VPN Client (GVC) on Windows Vista using Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

  UTM-GVC: What does the ‘Preserve IKE Port for Pass Through Connections’ checkbox do?

  UTM-GVC: After uninstall of Safe net client, Global VPN Client reports: "The safenet client appears to be installed."

  UTM-GVC: A Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is Encountered During Global VPN Client 4.0 Installation on Windows Vista

  UTM-GVC: '0x80040706 Object reference not set' and 'SonicWall VPN client service is not registered. Please reinstall.' Messages with Global VPN Client (GVC)

  UTM-GVC: GVC drops the connection with an error of "Bad user name or password".

  UTM-GVC: Traffic through the Global VPN Client (GVC) tunnel stops affecting applications (e.g. MS Terminal Services, RDP, Citrix, Outlook, etc.)

  UTM-GVC: Error message “Failed to open IPsec driver”.

  UTM-GVC: 'Failed to renew IP address for the virtual interface. The system cannot find the file specified.' in Global VPN Client (GVC)

  UTM-GVC: Remote Global VPN Client (GVC) users' connections to WAN GroupVPN on a SonicOS Enhanced UTM appliance frequently disconnect and re-connects.



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