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Content Filter Service (CFS) Configurations


Content Filter Service (CFS) Configurations


CFS How to Videos

How to configure IP Address based Content Filter Polices (CFS)

How to configure Per-policy Forbidden Domains with Multiple CFS Policies

Using CFS custom category

How to configure CFS with LDAP Authentication

How to Configure Content Filtering (CFS) Policies using App Rules


CFS Configuration using Policies with Local Users, LDAP Users and SSO authentication

Using custom Content Filter policies to block Internet access to a specific group (CFS + ULA + local groups)
Integration of LDAP and multiple/Custom CFS policies for different user groups (ULA + CFS + LDAP)
Using Multiple Custom content Filter policies with LDAP and SSO to restrict Internet access (CFS + LDAP + SSO)


Other Configurations using CFS policies

Configuring a CFS policy per IP address or range of IP addresses
Enforcing Content Filter Policies on IP Addresses based on Schedules
How to exclude a computer from SonicWall Content Filtering Service (CFS)


CFS using App Rules (SonicOS and above)

Configuring per Policy Category Blocking in CFS 3.0 ( and above)
How to configure Per Action Bandwidth Aggregation in CFS 3.0 ( and above)


How to Allow / Block specific websites using Allowed / Forbidden Domains

Tips on configuring Content Filtering (CFS) Custom List (Allowed / Forbidden Domains and Keyword Blocking)
Ways to block Google Webmail Chat (Chat Embedded in Webmail)
How to block Facebook and Gmail in CFS 3.0 - SonicOS 5.8 and above
How to block Google play using CFS 3.0 (SonicOS 5.8.0 and above)
How to block YouTube.com using CFS 3.0 (SonicOS 5.8.0 and above)
How to Block File transfer on Gtalk (Google Talk) using SonicWall Content Filtering (CFS)
How to import Allowed/Forbidden list from a file in CFS via App Rules - SonicOS 5.8 and above
Configuring CFS to Allow / Block HTTP connecting to custom port numbers

CFS Keyword Blocking

Block mp3 files using Keyword Blocking feature in the Content Filter Service
How to block top level domains using Content Filtering Service
Block images and videos in BING.com using CFS keyword blocking feature

HTTPS Content Filtering

Does CFS support HTTPS site blocking?
How to block HTTPS (SSL) sites using SonicWall DPI-SSL and Content Filter Service (CFS)

Acceptable Usage Policy, Consent Page and CFS Block Page

How can I remove the SonicWall Logo from the CFS block page?
How to Set Up Consent Page (Mandatory Filtering) using the Content Filter (CFS)
Configuring Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
How to Set Up Consent Page (Optional Filtering) using the Content Filter (PDF)


FAQ on Content Filtering Service (CFS) 3.0 when upgrading to SonicOS 5.8
Content Filtering Service (CFS) 3.0 Overview - SonicOS 5.8 and above.
Integrating SonicWall CFS with Websense Enterprise
How to configure CFS Server Failover
How to find out the CFS rating of a website