SecureFirst MSSP Partner Program

Expand your Managed Security Service Portfolio with SonicWall

Faced with an increase in advanced threats and a widening security skills gap, businesses are shifting to managed security service providers (MSSPs) as a flexible, cost-effective and reliable solution.

Expand your portfolio to include a full range of flexible managed security services built on SonicWall’s robust security platform. The SonicWall SecureFirst MSSP program offers training, enablement, support and financial benefits designed to help SecureFirst Partners grow their managed security business. Build your MSSP offerings by implementing SonicWall MSS blueprints, or work with SonicWall to create customized MSS offerings leveraging your existing managed services expertise.

  • Health and Performance Monitoring
  • Configuration and Lifecycle Management
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Hosted Email Protection
  • Managed Network Protection including the prevention of encrypted threats and ransomware attacks
  • Custom Services based on customer demand

Why SonicWall for your Managed Security Services?

Why SonicWall for your Managed Security Services?

Best in class protection for your customers
SecureFirst MSSP Partners can offer customers SonicWall’s market-leading suite of security solutions, while leveraging SonicWall threat intelligence to manage and support them with ease as the threat landscape evolves.

Ease of Management, Low Operating costs
The SonicWall Global Management System (GMS) provides centralized, simplified management through a single interface. Flexible cloud-based or on-premise deployment options scale quickly and efficiently.

Flexible Billing and Licensing Options
Focus on selling rather than managing vendor risks. Reduce upfront costs, and better manage financial and operational overhead for you and your customers, with our popular Security-as-a-Service billing options.
Learn more about SonicWall Security-as-a-Service >

Block More, Respond Less
Protect customers more proactively, and spend less time responding to incidents. SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) multi-engine sandbox blocks unknown threats with automated remediation.

Branding and Customization
SonicWall offers many branding and customization options so that your customers will always experience your brand first.

Program Overview

Leveraging the framework of our award winning SecureFirst Partner Program, the MSSP Program offers SecureFirst Silver, Gold and Platinum Partners flexible entry points supporting a range of managed service capabilities and business models.

SecureFirst MSSP Partners are equipped with training, tools and support designed to help you set up and maintain a profitable, robust managed security service built on SonicWall solutions. Leverage SonicWall-defined MSS blueprints or work with SonicWall to define custom services based on customer demand.

Program Overview

Becoming a SecureFirst MSSP Partner

To participate, SecureFirst Partners in good standing must first apply for the SecureFirst MSSP Program. Upon approval, they must then complete prerequisite MSSP Authorization training through SonicWall University.

Becoming a SecureFirst MSSP Partner
To learn more or register for the MSSP Program visit the SecureFirst Partner Portal