Guide Conventions

The following text conventions are used in this guide:

Convention Use
Bold text Used in procedures to identify elements in the user interface like dialog boxes, windows, screen names, messages, and buttons. Also used for file names and text or values you are being instructed to select or type into the interface.
Menu divider | Menu item > Menu item Indicates a multiple step menu choice on the user interface. For example, Manager View | HOME > Firewalls > Inventory means set the view toManager View first if it is not already done. Be sure the HOME option is selected at the top. Expand Firewalls in the menu panel, and then select Inventory.
Computer code Indicates sample code or text to be typed at a command line.
<Computer code italic> Represents a variable name when used in command line instructions within the angle brackets. The variable name and angle brackets need to be replaced with an actual value. For example in the segment serialnumber=<your serial number>, replace the variable and brackets with the serial number from your device: serialnumber=C0AEA0000011.
Italic Indicates the name of a technical manual. Also indicates emphasis on certain words in a sentence, such as the first instance of a significant term or concept.