Wireless Network Manager 3.5 Administration Guide

Security Policies

The Security Policies page displays all of the security policies that have been configured on your network and provides options for managing, adding, and editing security policies. These policies add extra layers of security beyond that available from Network Policies. Hovering over the right end of each row enables:

  • Edit/Config
  • Copy
  • Delete

The columns display the following information:

  • Name - is the distinct name that was given to the policy by the administrator when it was created or last edited. If desired, it can include information about what type of policy it is.
  • Applied SSID Group - is the group of SSIDs to which the policy is applied.
  • Type - gives the symbol of the security policy in the appropriate color (green for on, red for off). Hovering over the security policy symbol gives a screen tip saying which type of policy it is and whether or not it is enabled.
  • Active - toggles on and off for this security policy.

Only licensed security policies can be applied to an SSID or SSID group managed in your Wireless Network Manager network. If you try to apply a policy that is not licensed, a screen tip appears indicating that this policy needs to be licensed.

Wireless Network Manager advanced security services include these policies:

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