Wireless Network Manager 3.5 Administration Guide

Applying a Security Policy to an SSID Group

Once you have created a Security Policy, such as a CFS or CATP policy, you can apply it to an SSID Group. This information applies to any security policy you create.

To apply a security policy to an SSID group

  1. Navigate to Policies > SSID Policies. A page displays that lists all of your SSID groups and the security policies applied to them.
  2. Click + Add at the top right to bring up the Add SSID Group page. This gives you the choice to create a new SSID group to which you can apply this policy.
  3. Add an SSID Group Name and click OK. You have created an SSID Group to which you can apply the policy. It can be seen on the SSID Policies screen.
  4. Click + Add on the right side of the screen in the row for your SSID Group. The Add SSID screen displays.The name of the SSID you are adding appears in the title line of the page.
  5. Click the General tab.
  6. Enter the SSID Name you created.
  7. Authenticate with your passphrase.
  8. Click the Security Policy tab.
  9. From the drop down list, select the type of policy you want to apply.
  10. Click OK.
  11. On the SSID Policies screen, click to expand the SSID Group you created and show your SSID.
  12. The Security column shows that the security policy is applied.
  13. If you want to edit the SSID Group to have a different policy applied, click Config/Edit at the end of the row to go to the Edit SSID, with the name of the group in the title line.
  14. Click Security Policy and select the policy to be applied.
  15. Click OK, to see in the Security column that the correct policy has been applied.

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