Wireless Network Manager 3.5 Administration Guide

Adding Sites to the Whitelists and Blacklists

In addition to specific categories, one or several sites can be put on a list by a CFS policy from which all communication is either:

  • accepted (a whitelist)
  • not accepted (a blacklist)

To add a URI to a whitelist or blacklist

  1. Navigate to Security > Security Policies.

  2. Click Edit/Config next to the policy you want to change. The Edit Security Policy page displays. The policy you are changing appears in the title line of the page.
  3. In the URI List section at the bottom of the screen, select either the Whitelist or Blacklist, then click Add + or Delete. This screen is only available if a CFS policy has been chosen for editing. The Edit Security Policy: CFS - ADD URI TO WHITELIST/BLACKLIST screen appears.
  4. Type the name of the URI you wish to block or allow, then click Add. The URI is added to the list you specified. The screen below shows a URI being added to a Whitelist.

  5. A site can be removed from a list by clicking Delete before clicking OK.

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