Wireless Network Manager 3.5 Administration Guide

Creating and Editing Access Control Policies

Create or edit Access Control Policies (ACLs) to allow or deny access to address objects or address groups.

To create or edit an access control policy

  1. Navigate to Security > Security Policies.
  2. Click Add + or Config/Edit. The Add/Edit New Security Policy page displays.
  3. Enter an ACL Policy Name.
  4. From the Type list, select ACL Security Policy.
  5. Click Next. The Add/Edit New Security Policy screen displays.
  6. Click Enable to enable the access control security policy.
  7. In the ACL section, Select Deny or Allow from the mode menu.
  8. From the Address Group list, select an address group or create an address object group from the Security > Security Objects page. For more information, refer to Applying a Security Policy to an SSID Group.
  9. In the Bandwidth Management section, click Enable to enable bandwidth management.
  10. Configure the other fields in the section.
  11. Be sure All Clients is disabled, so that you can apply this new policy to a group of SSIDs.
  12. Select the Client IP Group on the field that appears when you disable All Clients.
  13. For the Client IP Group, select a new ACL security object .
  14. Click OK to apply the changes.
  15. Navigate to Policies > SSID Policies.
  16. Click + Add on the end of the row SSID for Default SSID Group. The Add SSID for Default SSID Group screen displays.
  17. Click Security Policy.
  18. Choose the policy you want applied from the drop down list.
  19. Click OK to apply the ACL policy.

The ACL policy is configured and added to the list.

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