Wireless Network Manager 3.5 Administration Guide

Schedule Objects

Scheduling device activation or deactivation and other processes can automate some of the administrator’s tasks.

To schedule device activation or deactivation and other processes

  1. Navigate to Security > Schedule Objects.
  2. Click Config/Edit (on the schedule row). You can set a schedule for the VAP (Virtual Access Point) on the SonicWave appliance to become activated or deactivated.
  3. Click Add + top right to create a Schedule Object.
  4. On the first Add Schedule Object screen, select the details of your new schedule object.
  5. On the next Add Schedule Object screen, click Add + to select schedule information .
  6. In the Time section, drag the selections along the time bar to choose the start and end times.
  7. Click OK to apply your settings
  8. Click OK again to return to the Schedule Objects list.
  9. Go to SSID Settings and select the schedule object you created.
  10. Apply this SSID to the SonicWave appliance you wish to configure.

The SSID becomes activated or deactivated in the SonicWave appliance according to the selected schedule.

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