Wireless Network Manager 3.5 Administration Guide

Managing Policies

The Policies page includes:

On the Wireless Network Manager pages, Network Policies, Security Policies, and SSIDs are marked with different symbols, so they can be clearly distinguished from each other:

  • Network Policies have a colored ball
  • each type of Security Policy has its own square symbol
  • SSIDs are labeled with a WiFi symbol

The color of the symbol changes with its status:

  • The Network Policy ball is orange if it is in a default condition, or blue if it has been manually configured. When it is blue, it still retains its default settings, but in addition it has those that were manually set. Clicking on a Network Policy blue ball returns it to its default condition.
  • The square Security Policy symbol can be green, fully enabled, orange, partially enabled, or gray, not enabled, as indicated by the screen tips when you hover over the symbol.


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