Wireless Network Manager 3.5 Administration Guide

Sign-on with RADIUS Server Authentication

Customers must sign in using their RADIUS username and password before being allowed to connect to the network.

After a user enters their username and password:

  1. Those credentials will be passed to the SonicWave.
  2. The SonicWave will create a RADIUS authentication packet and send it to the RADIUS server.
    • If the RADIUS server successfully authenticates the credentials: it replies with a Access-Accept packet to the SonicWave.
    • If the RADIUS server cannot authenticate the credentials: it replies with a Access-Reject packet to the SonicWave.

These RADIUS authentication methods are supported:

  • PAP
  • CHAP
  • MSCHAPv1
  • MSCHAPv2

The RADIUS server must be configured for at least one of those methods.

MSCHAPv1 or MSCHAPv2.is recommended.

The SonicWave will first attempt to send the RADIUS packet using MSCHAPv2 and MSCHAPv1 authentication. If both of those authentication methods fail, it will then attempt to send the RADIUS packet using CHAP and PAP authentication.

To use RADIUS Directory server authentication for sign-on

  1. Navigate to SSID Policies.
  2. Hover over right section of the line of the SSID you want to configure. When the icons appear, click the Edit (pencil) icon. The Edit SSID page displays.
  3. Click the Guest Portal tab.
  4. Select Sign On with.
  5. Select the RADIUS Directory server you want to use for authentication.
  6. In the RADIUS Server section, configure the settings as required for your organization.

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