Wireless Network Manager 3.5 Administration Guide

Configuring Twilio Billing for SMS

To configure Twilio billing for SMS

  1. Create a Twilio SMS acccount
    1. Create a Twilio SMS account at www.twilio.com
    2. Enter in credit card information to create an account with full privileges.
    3. Purchase a phone number with Programmable SMS capabilities.
    4. Record your Account SID and the Authentication Token values on your main twilio.com/user/account page.
  2. Configure Twilio billing in Wireless Network Manager
    1. Open the Wireless Network Manager Dashboard.
    2. Navigate to the Settings > General page.
    3. In the Twilio SMS Setting section, enter your:
      • Twilio Account Sid
      • Auth Token
      • Twilio Phone Number

You will now be billed on a per-SMS basis via Twilio. Prices can range by country; the typical cost per SMS ranges from $0.01 per SMS for the United States to over $0.10 per SMS for certain carriers in Europe. A complete, up-to-date pricing list is available at https://www.twilio.com/sms/pricing#outbound-pricing.

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