Wireless Network Manager 3.5 Administration Guide

Dynamic VLAN Support

Dynamic VLAN support allows wireless clients to connect to access points using the same SSID (EAP) broadcasted by multiple SonicWave wireless access points. Wireless clients are assigned to different VLAN subnet by the RADIUS server according to their user groups and RADIUS server policy. Wireless clients do not need to connect to a specified SSID for their user group.

The RADIUS server assigns a VLAN ID to a user based on these attributes:

  • IETF 64 (Tunnel Type): this is set to VLAN.
  • IETF 65 (Tunnel Medium Type): this is set to 802.
  • IETF 81 (Tunnel Private Group ID): this is set to VLAN ID.

In this example, only one SSID is broadcasted school-wide. Students, teachers, administration staff all connect to same SSID. The RADIUS server assigns them to different zones or subnets based on their login ID.

Dynamic VLAN Example

To configure dynamic VLAN settings

  1. Navigate to the Polices > SSID Policies page.
  2. Select an existing SSID or create a new one.
  3. In the Authentication section, set the Authentication Type to one of the WPA - EAP authentication types.

    Dynamic VLAN SSIDs can only be configured when the authentication type is set to one of WPA - EAP authentication types.

  4. In the Others section, set the VLAN ids.

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