Wireless Network Manager 3.5 Administration Guide

Guest Portal

From the Guest Portal page you can choose the type of authentication to require of users wanting to sign on to a session, and the details of the session. You can choose what type of access you will allow and which type of credentials must be presented. When you click in the box next to the access type, more access and user session options appear.

For this service, there is a customized screen for Cloud Captive Portal and Guest Services support. A captive portal is a web page (also called a splash screen) displayed before guests can access the Internet using a desktop or mobile device. Captive portals allow administrators to block Internet access until the guest has completed some defined process, such as looking at an acceptable use policy screen and clicking on a button indicating agreement to the terms of the policy.

If the guest user attempts to access any other pages before successful authentication has been completed, they will be redirected back to the authentication page.

Currently Wireless Network Manager supports the following six authentication methods, as seen on the screen above:

  • None (direct access) - If this method is selected, there is no authentication.
  • Click-through - The user must view and acknowledge your splash page.
  • External Guest Authentication - The user is redirected for outside authentication.
  • Social Account - The social account splash page is shown below:
  • Sign On with - The user must enter a user name and password before being allowed on the network.
  • Customized Splash Page - The user must view and acknowledge your customized splash page before being allowed on the network.

Click OK to apply your selections.

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