Wireless Network Manager 3.5 Administration Guide

Bandwidth Management

  • Enable - You can select to enable or disable bandwidth management.
  • Direction - Choose one of these:
    • Both directions
    • Client to AP
    • AP to Client
  • Down Min/Max Rate (kbps) - Downstream minimum and maximum rates.
  • Up Min/Max Rate (kbps) - Upstream minimum and maximum rates
  • All Clients - This is a toggle to enable or disable all clients. If you want to apply this configuration to all clients, select All Clients. If you want to apply it only to an restricted IP group, toggle All Clients off, and set the Client IP Group in the field that appears below the All Clients field.
  • Client IP Group - Select the IP Group to which these selections apply. This field is only available when All Clients is off.

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