Wireless Network Manager 3.5 Administration Guide


At the top of the screen is the Name of the policy and the SSID Group it applies to. Default Policy, at the top of the hierarchy, is the policy that is always in effect, no matter which other policies are applied for a particular SSID. It is an automatic attribute of the Tenant/Group through the access points used in the hierarchy, and it applies to the entire hierarchy.

Next is the choice to enable or disable SSID Isolation Under NAT Mode. This feature allows clients to be isolated even when they connect to the same SSID. It also isolates the clients between SSIDs.

The last field is for the Time Zone.

QUICK VIEW OF SSID GROUP - gives a list of the SSIDs in the group, with a table of configurations applied to them. These are explained below:

  • Band Selection - You can change the band for the SSID.
  • CFS - Content Filtering Service is a web filtering security service that blocks inappropriate, unproductive, and illegal or malicious web content according user specifications. The table shows if this service is active on the SSID or group of SSIDs.
  • Capture ATP - Capture Advanced Threat Protection is a cloud-based feature that analyzes files and determines if the file is malicious or acceptable.
  • CAV - Cloud AV is a security policy that provides real-time file-virus scanning and reporting without consuming local computing resources. A record of the analysis is kept for a selected period of time.
  • ACL - Access Control is a policy that manages access to mac address objects and access object groups over time. It prevents unnecessary duplication when a similar or the same packet issue is detected.
  • Geo-IP & Botnet - These two blocking features are shown or activated on this screen.

    • Geo-IP allows network administrators to block connections to or from a particular geographic location. It uses the IP address to determine the location of the intended connection.
    • A Botnet can be used to steal data, send spam, and allow an attacker to access a device and its connection. This feature is activated and configured by the administrator to block Botnet access to the network.
  • SSL VPN - This selection enables or disables SSL VPN.
  • Authentication - This column gives the authentication details for the SSID.
  • Visibility - This is a toggle to enable or disable visibility of the SSID.
  • Active - This toggle activates or deactivates the SSID.
  • App Control - This toogle activates or deactivates application control.

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