Wireless Network Manager 3.5 Administration Guide


The Zones page displays Information about all the zones you have created. You can configure your zones using this page.

Click this icon to add a new zones.
Click this icon to export data into an Excel or PDF file.
Click this icon to refresh or reload the page.
Click this icon to delete the selected options.
Click this icon to select the grid settings or the required columns. This helps you to view or hide the selected columns and customize the data with the desired fields.
  • Select a Zone on the bottom panel to see its place in the:
    • Zone name
    • Hierarchy
    • Network Policy
    • access point (AP) Device Count
  • To add a zone, click on the Add + on the top right of the page.
  • To Edit, Copy, Transfer Devices, or Delete a zone, hover over the options on the right end of the row.
  • The Transfer Devices option makes it possible to move a device from one zone to another in one step.
  • By expanding the Zone row, you get more information about each of the Zone Devices. This includes its:
    • Status (online or not)
    • Name
    • MAC Address
    • IP Addresses
    • Mesh Group (if it is part of one)

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