Wireless Network Manager 3.5 Administration Guide


The Devices page provides options for different types of devices:

  • Access Point Devices that are part of your Network Hierarchy host the Client Devices (the phones and computers that communicate through them).
  • Access Points provides configuration and management information about access points. When you initially log onto Wireless Network Manager, all the SonicWaveaccess points registered under your MySonicWall account are listed as inventory on this screen.

The middle panel shows the Network structure with the Status summary of each of the access points:

  • Online or Offline
  • License information
  • Model

Configuration options for each access point in your network are made available by hovering along the right of the screen.

One of the columns in the bottom chart shows a colored S to show whether SSL VPN is enabled or not for that device. If the S is:

  • green: the device is connected.
  • red: the device is disconnected.
  • gray: the device is disabled.

If your firmware needs upgrading, a notification is displayed on this screen: Please upgrade your SonicWave firmware to the latest.

A Configuration screen comes up when you click on Config/Edit on the right of the SonicWave row.

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