Wireless Network Manager 3.5 Administration Guide

Port Settings

Wireless Network Manager provides a way for the user to enable or disable the LAN switch port. By default, the switch ports are down. To access this feature, edit the chosen device on this screen.

This feature is only available for the SonicWave 224w.

Wireless Network Manager provides Failover and Load Balancing support with 4G/LTE USB modems in SonicWave under cloud management.

By clicking on Config/Edit in the device row), then clicking on the General tab, you can edit a device on the Config SonicWave screen. (The access point must be a model with a USB port.) The WAN load balance mode selections appear when the switch is in NAT mode.

When applied, these indicators are displayed:

The Clients page displays status information for the Client Devices, as seen below. At the top, there is a time line that can be slid from left to right to show:

  • Last Day
  • Last Week
  • Last 30 Days.

It also displays the operating system used by each one of the Client Devices.

The bottom panel has columns that give more information about each device.

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