Wireless Network Manager 3.5 Administration Guide

Using the Wireless Network Manager Interface

The first screen that appears when you launch Wireless Network Manager is the main screen seen below. It is from this screen that most of the activities and options start in Wireless Network Manager. The Wireless Network Manager user interface has a main navigation pane down the left side. It is from this pane that the user makes choices for navigating through the various Wireless Network Manager tools, features, and displays. The small arrow at the top middle of the screen sends you back to the Capture Security Appliance. Many of the secondary screens have an icon on the upper right border of the screen that, when clicked, sends you back to the main screen for that navigation pane item.

Clicking an option on the left navigation pane can sometimes open other choices.The principal headings on the navigation pane are:

By clicking on a heading, some of these areas can be expanded or collapsed to show any additional sections or just the main headings.

The Dashboard, shown here, is the screen that is active when you sign on. On the screen below, all of the topics on the navigation pane are expanded to show the full range of choices. The small orange circle to the right of the navigation pane indicates which choice is currently active on the screen. This marker carries through the various screens resulting from steps started on the main screen. Other choices also appear from time to time within the various screens. By hovering over one of your locations, for example, you can bring up information about it. On some screens, hovering over a row brings up options to be applied to that row.

The topics available in this guide work through each of the choices on the navigation pane, giving an explanation of the selections that are available, and the screens that appear with each selection. This will help you configure and use Wireless Network Manager.

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